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Come Visit Huntingdon County Pennsylvania

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Huntingdon County Natural WondersHawn's Overlook at Raystown Lake, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania
  • Hawn's Overlook at Raystown Dam - Featured on the cover of 1996 Pennsylvania Visitors Guide, land beautiful at sunset or sun rise. Overlook Road , Huntingdon, PA 16652

  • Balance Rock at Trough Creek State Park - appears to be perched on the edge of a cliff, ready to fall off at any moment into Great Trough Creek far below. This "erosion remnant" has hung here for thousands of years. Once part of a much higher cliff, the hard rock of Balanced Rock was sitting on a layer of soft rock. The soft rock on the cliff face eroded first, easing Balance Rock into its angled perch hanging over the valley. Eventually the soft rock under the back of Balanced Rock eroded away, leaving the rock balanced on the edge of the cliff.
    To preserve the natural beauty of Balanced Rock, please do not spray paint or vandalize any natural features. Trough Creek
  • Rainbow Falls at Trough Creek State Park - Spring is the best time to experience the rainbow effect formed from the mist of the falls. Popular spot for weddings.

  • Shaver's Creek Environmental Center - Live birds of prey, reptiles, amphibians, shows, festivals, exhibits/programs, picnicking/bird watching, gardens, trains, books and gifts.

  • Lincoln Caverns and Whisper Rocks -Caves are one of nature's hidden beauties, full of spectacular sights. Discover Lincoln Caverns, where nature's splendors have been left just as they were when discovered in 1930. Explore twisting passageways that reveal splendid rooms glittering with white crystals and massive flowstones. See delicate stalactites, created over thousands of years. Hospitality and breathtaking marvels await beneath the earth. Educational interpretive tours.

  • Pennsylvania Game Commission Migration Area/ Raystown
      - Three thousand acres of habitat has been aggressively
    managed to maintain wildlife; one of Pennsylvania's premier
    watchable wildlife areas. Observe waterfowl, eagles, osprey,
    small game, deer, and bear in their natural habitat.

  • Rainbow Falls at Trough Creek State Park
    Spring is the best time to experience the rainbow effect formed
    from the mist of the falls. Popular spot for weddings.

  • Ice Mine was probably a prospect hole for early iron miners. They did not discover iron ore, but did create a natural refrigerator. In the winter, cold air diffuses up into the loose rock of the hillside. In the spring and summer, cold air flows down the mountainside and into the ice mine. This causes melting snow water to refreeze when it hits the cold air in the mine. Humid summer air adds more ice until all of the cold air has left the hillside, usually by late summer. Trough Creek

  • Copperas Rocks is named for the coppery-yellow stain on the cliff surface. The crystalline, yellow precipitate is ferrous sulfate that leaches from a small pocket of coal. Although this substance is one of the main pollutants in acid mine drainage, the small quantity here is not harmful to the stream. The small cave at the bottom of the cliff was probably made by early settlers who used ferrous sulfate as a mordant for setting the dye color in cloth. Trough Creek


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